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The Second World War - 80 years on

The History of The Regiment is told in separate posts (see pick list below).

The period 1939 - June 1944 is shown for each Battalion and their War Diaries are reproduced in full together with additional information.

The 2nd Bn was disbanded in Jul 1944.


May 2024 sees the start of an exciting series of posts for the Museum’s website. The curator is preparing an account of what the Regiment was doing 80 years ago. It will be published monthly, under the post for 1st Battalion War Diaries, and will cover the period May 1944 (the immediate build up to D Day) to later Summer 1945 when the Battalion was placed into suspended animation.

The account will be based on the War Diary and include contemporary accounts, reminisces and photographs.

The following reference material has been used and is quoted:

A Soldiers War – Maj Gen Churcher

Taurus Pursuant – A History of the 11 Armd Div

The Black Bull – Patrick Delaforce

Charge of the Bull – Jean Brisset

Just a Walk in the Sun – Bob Price

I’ve sent home socks for darning - Peter Andrews

Account - Hesketh

Account - Ken Crockford

Research - Ray Griffiths

Account - Maj Wardman

The Second World War - 80 years on - Flyer