Monthly Feature

Monthly Feature

January 2022

World War 2 Rugby Teams

Sport was, and still is a major activity for the military. IT supports fitness, ‘adventure’ and team work all supporting unit esprit de corps. Clearly rugby was a key team game, with a Regimental Team in both the 1st and 2nd Battalions and also a 1st Battalion inter company competition. These photos capture some of those teams.


Dr Albert Speer

This months feature relates to Dr Albert Speer a German architect who served as the Minister of Armaments and War production in Nazi Germany. A close ally of Adolf Hitler he was convicted at the Nuremberg Trials to 20 years imprisonment.  

Speer was arrested together with all of Doenitz's government in Flensberg in May 1945' The arresting troops included The Herefordshire Regiment.

Speer was among the 24 arrested and charged with the crimes of the Nazi regime at the Nuremberg trials. He was found guilty, principally for the use of slave labour, narrowly avoiding a death sentence. Having served his full term, Speer was released in 1966. Speer died of a  stroke in 1981.

Through his autobiographies and interviews, Speer carefully constructed an image of himself as a man who deeply regretted having failed to discover the monstrous crimes of the Third Reich. He continued to deny explicit knowledge of, and responsibility for the Holocaust.  Was the letter he wrote regarding his arrest by a sergeant of The Herefords another part of this cynical ploy?


50th Anniversary Return to Suvla Bay

This months feature contains 2 accounts of visits to Gallipoli on the 50th anniversary in 1965. The first by a party of men from the Herefordshire Regiment the second Peter Newman the Vice Consul in Istanbul at the time.

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