Monthly Feature

Monthly Feature

October 2022

Exercising in Gibraltar

This month's feature includes 2 press reports of when soldiers from Hereford's C Coy 5 LI deployed to Gibraltar for their annual camp - probably in 1964 or 65.

The Hereford soldiers who deployed to Gibraltar.
The Hereford soldiers who deployed to Gibraltar.
The Hereford Times report on the Gibraltar deployment.
The Hereford Times report on the Gibraltar deployment.

September 2022

Reunion Dinner

This months feature is a photograph of a Reunion Dinner - the exact date is not known but in the 1950s or early 1960s.

Some of those that served in the Regiment in the Second World War have been identified and it looks as thought the table 'legs' are arranged by companies - the 'near' table being D (Leominster) Company with Jack Greenhouse (company sergeant major) and Bill Rollings (officer commanding) and Gerry Feltham.

A challenge - Can you identify any of the others?

August 2022

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst - Memorial Chapel

This month’s feature is The Royal Memorial Chapel at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

The site was established as the Royal Military College in 1801 for the training of all Army officers other than those of the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers. In 1972 RMAS assumed the training for all male Army Officers with female Officers joining them in 1984.

Towards the end of the 19th century, it became apparent that the first Chapel was inadequate and a new site behind Old College was identified as the site of a new chapel.

After the Great War the Royal Military College Chapel of Christ Church became the Royal Military Memorial Chapel. On 2nd May 1937, on completion of the final phase of the building programme, the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Cosmo Gordon Lang  dedicated the new Chapel, in the presence of King George VI, whose coronation was ten days later.

In 1965 the Chapel was accorded the title of Royal Memorial Chapel, Sandhurst. Whilst its main function remains as the Academy's Chapel, as a Royal Chapel, and seating over 1000 people, it is, with the exception of Westminster Abbey and St George's Chapel, Windsor, the largest of all the Royal Chapels.

The chapel has many Memorials and panels bearing the names of officers who trained at RMAS and fell in conflicts; they range from before 1914, covering wars and campaigns in South Africa, Sudan, Burma, Afghanistan and India to the two World Wars and to the many subsequent campaigns in which the British Army has been involved since 1945.

No Herefordshire Regiment officers are named as, as Territorial Officers they did not attend RMAS.

There is however a Memorial to The Herefordshire Regiment and the Regimental badge is sculpted into the back of the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry pew.

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