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Medals and the Man

June 23

8210 Private Thomas P HUGHES

Thomas Hughes was from Rhayader (confirmed by by regimental number being in the 8*** series), he served with the 1st Battalion at Suvla Bay. He was discharged in April 1916, 'time expired'. For the first period of the war Territorial terms of engagement were honoured and many men, after their experiences at Suvla Bay took their discharge - this guaranteed them a trip back to England and a months leave! Many signed on again at the end of the leave period, but if they did not and remained fit then they were obliged to register under the Derby Scheme and would be conscripted. Pte Hughes saw later war service with the South Wales Borderers - a local Regiment to Rhayader - whether as a volunteer or a conscript is not known.

He went on to serve with the Special Constabulary, earning the Long Service Medal and this service covered the period of the Second World War where he qualified for the Defence Medal.

His World War 1 trio are all named to him as 8120 Pte TP Hughes Herefordshire Regiment, the Defence Medal is un named (as issued) and the SCLS named to Thomas P Hughes.

Pte Hughes' Medals
Pte Hughes' Medals

May 2023

4105008 Albert (Jack) Greenhouse

Jack was born and lived all his life in Leominster, Herefordshire. His family had a martial tradition with his father having served in The Herefordshire Rifle Volunteers and been a founder member of the Herefordshire Regiment Territorial Force in 1908. His uncle had also served in the Regiment during World War One.

Jack continued the family tradition and joined The Herefordshire Regiment in Leominster (D Company) in May 1938 as 4105008 Pte A J Greenhouse. He was mobilised along with the rest of the TA and moved with the Battalion around England and Northern Ireland. Here they trained and prepared and Jack quickly showed his mettle and was soon promoted to WO2 and was sergeant major of D Company.

He crossed Mike beach in Normandy on D + 7 with the Battalion as part of 11 Armoured Division. The Battalion took part in the break out from Normandy and Jack was seriously wounded in action on The Odon river on 14 August. He was evacuated to UK and saw no further active service.

On reformation of the TA, Jack 'rejoined' and was the sergeant major of D (Leominster) Company until 1962; he was one of the 'Ever Readies'. He became a renowned Battalion character as an excellent sergeant major, soldier and shot and a lynchpin of the Sergeants' Mess.

On leaving the (now renamed) Herefordshire Light Infantry Jack became RSM of the Herefordshire Light Infantry Army Cadet Force and served with them until finally hanging up his uniform in 1976.

Jack was a great character, a son of Herefordshire and Leominster and a soldier devoted to his County Territorial Battalion. In addition to his Second World War Medals (39/35 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal) he was awarded the Territorial Efficiency Medal and 2 further award bars; he was awarded the 1953 Coronation Medal as a member of the TA's route lining contingent and the Cadet Forces Medal.

The family military tradition continued and Jack's son Tony served with the KSLI and LI for 12 years.

Jack died in 2005, but prior to this his medals, those of his father and his son were donated to the Regimental Museum and are proudly displayed demonstrating the fine service of this Herefordshire family.

April 2023

'Harry' Jessett

William 'Harry' Jessett came from a military family and lived in Ledbury. His father had served with the Rifle Volunteers and he probably did as well as on the formation of the Herefordshire Regiment in 1908 he was number 208. He was a bandman and stretcher bearer and served at Suvla Bay, the Middle East and the Western Front. He rejoined the Regiment after the war again serving as a bandsman. He was awarded the 1914/15 Star, British War and Victory medals for his First World War service and subsequently the Territorial Efficiency Medal and second award bar - one of only 5 second award bars between 1919 and 1939.

March 2023

Sjt C Jones

This month's group is that of Sgt C Jones who was a Hereford postman and served in the Herefordshire Rifle Volunteers in peace time but with the Royal Engineers in the Boer War and the First World War. The Royal Engineers managed the Army Postal Service and it is probable that he served in that capacity.

His medals comprise the Queens South Africa Medal, The Kings South Africa Medal, World War One 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, The Meritorious Service Medal, The Volunteer Forces Long Service Medal and the Imperial Service Medal.

He was a founder member of The Herefordshire Regiment in 1908 with the Regimental number 142.